Customary Society by name

§ 1 .

The Prus Society called in order of the regulation the Society, becomes a customary society.

§ 2 .

Territory of activities is the area of the Republic of Poland with its headquarters and management in the city of Warsaw.

Person representing is : Slawomir Klec - Pilewski

Society address :
ul. Piwna 17/19 m. 4
00-265 Warszawa

§ 3 .

The Society activities is based on common work of all its members.

§ 4 .

The Society aims are:

a) unfolding, deepening, spreading the knowledge of history and traditions of Ancient Prusians,

§ 5 .

Directives that the Society will perform :

a) improve and deepen members’ knowledge of history and traditions of Ancient Prusians,
b) creation of workshops, lecturing and science gatherings, also exhibitions, shows dedicated to historical problems and traditions of Ancient Prusians.
c) Editing and propagating among members science publications as well as a popular studies concerning history and tradition of Ancient Prusians,
d) popularisation of Ancient Prusian history and their traditions,
e) generate interest and greater number of people with history and traditions of Ancient Prusians,
f) consolidation and deepening of political, religious and racial tolerance,
g) cooperation in the field of historical research with science institutions and archives,
h) cooperation with Polish and foreign organisations involved with the same activities,
i) activities in organizing cultural and recreational happenings for members, symphatisers of the Society.

§ 6 .

The Prus Society membership is available to everybody who has reached maturity age.

§ 7 .

The Society is supported from the membership collections.

§ 8 .

Popular society by name, “The Prus Society” will be active until it is registered lawfully in Court with the same name. At the moment of its lawful registration the temporary Society becomes dissolved and the registered society takes its place.

Warsaw 15 June 2009

The Prus Society is officially registered. Any questions, suggestions, please contact e-mail address also see oficial web site that also represent The Prus Society.
I kindely request all our symphetisers to support our project by being an active participant of The Prus Society.

English language can be used.

Thank you.

Slawomir Klec Pilewski


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