For the first time in the history, there has been an international meeting of the Ancient Prussian descendants . The meeting took place in Poland with the presence of Prusai people from Poland, Germany and outside of the Europe.
The talks that were held, aimed at determining the common Prusai position, and also their activities with the European Union.
The dominant theme of the meeting was how to support the deported ethnic Prusai by the Soviet Union in 1948 from Sambia (today's Kaliningrad region). It did not concern the German colonists of the Prus land , who in fear and panic, fled before the arrival of the Red Army.
After the Second World War, there were, Prusai people, remaining on their land, the indigenous Sambians descendants of the Prus people, that the Stalinist regime has treated very cruelly.
After entering of the Red Army, Prusai were confident that they were set free from the centuries-old Germanic occupation, unexpectably were treated, as if they were Germans. Murder and rape was a commonplace, and by the end of 1948, Stalin and his regime has issued an order to deport them to Kazakhstan and Germany.
Crime, concerned 200 000 descendants, Sambians, Scalovians, Nadrovians and Natangs.

In today's post war Germany, there are two organizations of a former inhabitants of the land of Prusai, the German colonists, Landsmanschaft, and the native Prus, Prusen Arbeitsgemeinschaft.
German settlers otherwise colonizers, are focused on the organization Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen of a purely revisionist character and supported by German politicians. Their impudence is without a limit, when saying, that Ancient Prussia is 700 years of not only German history, but also of German culture and identity. Their spokesman Stephan Grigat says so.
The simple answer, teutonic culture, during a conquest, kidnapped Prusai girls were placed in the public house by the castles, with new comers, old ones were murdered.
Readers we appeal, can you comprehed this ? That is only a detail of 700 years old German culture.

German culture, yes, genocide of Ancient Prussians in XIII century, exterminating Namibians around 1900, and well known in milions, exterminations in II World War. Their history consists of instigating dozens wars followed by wars.
Citation of German writer August von Kotzebue. Describing the Teutonic Order as “ a giant without faith and shame with its power built on the rubble illtreated humanity with plentiful of pillaged gold “.
The Prus Society declares, that the conquest of Ancient Prussians in the XIII century was a genocide for which Germans, are the responsible.

This criminal history, will come a time when with Germans has to be settled.

Landsmannschaft Ostpreussen brings together, some of the descendants of Prus totally German orientated, and interestingly many with Polish roots. They now claim that the present Polish recovered lands, are with "a large question mark”, and the organization is alive with the idea of "Greater Germany".
The history of Prus people, for them, is a pre history, and with such a thinking soon the Germany Hitler history, will belong to the world of antiquity.
The history stays silent, it is not generally known, that in June 1934, in present Kaliningrad region, Prusai people stated an uprising against Hitler, and there was not such activity from Germans, and not from now the members of Landsmanschaft. They were alone in Europe.

The tradition of Hitler among Landsmanschaft are not quenched. Like, a fascist organization of young Germans, Hitler Jungen. To maintain the revisionist tradition, created a branch for youths, Junges Ostpreussen Bund, to the idea of revisionism, so that it will be not extinguished. There's no spontaneouness , but only German orderliness. All these actions are controlled by the retired men from politics and special services.
From this environment comes the present initiative of collecting money to purchase land in the region of Warmia and Mazury with plans to settle there Germans. As a result, building the settlements for German pensioners, with plans to create for them the German infrastructure, including shops with imported goods from Germany and the German full service. With the intention of marginalizing the presence of Polish inhabitants.
Descendants of Prusai in Germany are organized into ethnic groups, constantly demanding recognition of their ethnic identity from the German Government. Over the years, Germans sold their promises to the end of last year, to announce them, that they are already integrated into the German culture.

Not having the financial resources and support, that has Landsmannschaft, are doomed to a natural death. Mainstay of their ethnic existence was Tolkemita scientific organization, but not anymore. During the last one, organizational meeting in Berlin, 26 September 2011, Tolkemita was penetrated by Germans.
The older Prus generation who was deported, is at the extinction, and the young ones germanized are being absorbed into Germanic power structures.
The board of Tolkemita, now, has a son of chief's Landsmannschaft Wilhelm von Gottberg. It is worth recalling that the ancestor of this family, of a German settlers, in the eighteenth century was condemning the Prusai, in the region of Kaliningrad, to death sentences for refusing to serve in the German Prussian army. Among them, was the ancestor of Prusai activist, Christopher Kairaitis in 1735 was senteced and lost.

Another German member of the Tolkemita board is a colonel. We do not know from what services, but without a doubt, special services, in order to shape this organization in the values of the German politics. From now, relatively free movement of ethnic Prusai people, begins to write their history under German control.

At the beginning of the '90s, Gorbachev with his closest circle of trust, sends to Germany, two businessmen with the offer to Genscher, the sale of the Kaliningrad region. Digital two, billions, of the amount in German marks by Genscher was not accepted. How then said, with a shoulder of reconstruction eastern German Ländes would not assume this offer for free.

The Russians, along with leaving East Germany, DDR, despite the lack of international rights of ownership to land of the Prus, being only post-war administration, this land has not been handed over to the Germans. Shows they knew very well, that they are in charge of "no man's land". Sooner or later, the fate of this land will be settled.

Presently Germans are gathering all ethnic and non ethnic forces to get organized in the campaign for penetrating Lands that have lost in the II- World War, dreaming in philosophy, that one day Poland will be possessing only one border, which would have been somewhere on the river Vistula.
To many this may sound as a fantastic story, but only for the absent minded who are not familiar with German history. Present world economy is only a play ground, substituting global wars, at the same time it is a camouflage for the German politics, which is in the process of getting ripe of “Great Germany”.

Mastering Tolkemita, and clasp on all the descendants of Prusai under its umbrella, it will give the Germans a precedent to hide revisionism. As a part of further marginalization of Poles and only in strict consultation and cooperation with Russia, will be ready to create a beachhead of Germanism in the Kaliningrad region.
Do not forget that this region is only administered by Russia. Never was any international treaty to establish its boundaries.

The Prus Society in the light of a number of facts, calls for the recovery of the region to create a symbolic State of Prusai in close co-operation with Russia, USA, Great Britain, Poland and Baltic Countries, with the possibility of return and settlement of the descendants of the Ancient Prussians without German colonizers. The creation of free trade zone, so that the land of the Prusai will never constitute the nucleus of human misery and be for the benefit of these countries and the Europe.
The largest group of descendants of Prusai are in Poland. The Prus Society still will strive for the Museum of Culture of the Ancient Prussians on the ground of Warmia and Mazury, which continously until now officially has no history.
Inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury the heirs of this land should be delivered with full knowledge of Prusai history, alongside with the culture of these people who lived before them for cultivation memory of them.
Together with the inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury, descendants of Prusai should seek to obtain from Polish state the land area for a common renewal and development in the modern world, the old eco-cultural Prusai business environment and their culture.
Warmia and Mazury has a much older history than Poland. This evidence, in addition to Museum, can be symbolically marked in the open air monuments, at a small cost, such proposal came from the Prus Society. In today, the current authorities of Warmia and Mazury in view of their politics do not offer possibility of dialogue.
Residents of Warmia and Mazury, who see their existence and future income from tourism, should create movement of Warmia and Mazury. The natural values of this land plus rich history must be added, and the tourism from all over the world, without a doubt will be their success.
The inhabitants should vote for the movement for Warmian-Masurian Region and they can count on our support. The words "beautiful Masuria", or like “a beautiful place God has given us" are not for children, but for the grandchildren, that have not yet come into the world. These are empty words like many others.
Flattering the Germans and showing them former Teutonic castles, is a very primitive behavior of the authorities, which are holding this land for only about seventy years. This land has more than two thousand years of history. The richness of this land is not only a nature, but also its history, and not having this knowledge, is pure laziness, illiteracy and also a negligence towards present inhabitants.
Germans have their plans, these plans are calculated on for generations, which they will not give up. The Prus Society will stand up not only for the revitalization of Prusai Culture, but also against German re-colonization. Their story, "Great Germany" built on centuries, miseries of the people of Ancient Prussians, exterminated by them, must not be repeated. The amount of palaces, is equal to the number of castles, and the aristocracy of this land is the cradle of Germanism, and certainly they will not forget this land.

Descendants of Ancient Prussia, to calm emotions, they will not carry inventory of the living Prusai. Perhaps in the need of support, will announce a poll for the enumeration of all the supporters to our ideals. Revitalization of these ideals will work for the benefit of the Region .

         November 2011


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