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    This bulletin does not apply to the issue of indigenous Prusai, but in Poland, Europe and the World, the German Prussians came alive and for not orientated to, rises question. Why?
    Without a doubt, the occurrence since a number of years of our internet page, revealing all the wickedness committed on the Ancient indigenous Prussians by German colonists, was quickly perceived, and not only in Germany in Poland too.
    The German fifth column, whereever is represented, begins to activate propaganda. Dr. Goebels is for them a worthy model.
    Very strong German lobbies visible in the Warmia and Mazury (Poland) meets with tolerance and benevolence of local post-communist Polish authorities. The most widely read newspaper of Olsztyn is in the hands of the German capital. And who has the media, that holds control over the people, with receipt, what they should know and what should not.

    With all the regularity and over the years, step by step they penetrate the minds of Poles, because, as the editors of below publication wrote, "Perhaps it is time to talk about the history of Prussia, now without a legitimate fear. Get all the colours of the history. " They actually done a really good job for the Germans. Just a reminder, Europe after the First World War, forbade Germans the use of the naming Prussia and Germany finally became Germany. In Poland, some see the longing for that period, historically, not really old enough, but in some, perhaps the German roots are revived and if not, else undiscovered reasons, then the money can be blamed.

    For nearly 140 richly illustrated pages, is presented splendor of German Prussia, but not a word that the 700-years colonization of Germanic culture on the back of ancient people of Prussia, was based on murder, rape, slave labour of the heirs of the land, the natives of Prussia, which mangy Teutons stolen the naming and for 700 years acted as the Prussians.
    Colouring the only Germanic history, certainly do not exempt from liability the Germans, the whole time to this day the genocide is haunted for ancient Prussians and ultimate destruction of this nation. Germanic Prussia and Germany, there is still continuity of this nation, who took a liking to killing people. The time will come, that they will answer for this first event in the Europe’s history of barbaric colonialism. Patiently after 700 years we wait.

    We urge the Germans, go on your knees and admit to the crimes of the people of ancient Prussia and the bloody 700 years of economical exploitation, after that we can start talking about making satisfying.

    Prussians, living descendants will never be indifferent, what happened to their ancestors, and what is still going on around them, we recommend that the Germans cut your deceptions to yet another genocide, there is nothing else like to admit it.
    At the time when ancient Prussians in Poland long signalled edition its centuries-old history devoid of hypocritical and representating it, one of the many Polish periodicals seems to feature the history of the Germanic Prussianism.
    In this paper, each page has two columns, it is important that at 140 pages, to native Prussia only half the page devoted to and the completion of "It is understood that the Prussian people died out or assimilated to the immigrant Polish and German people."     Pure illiteracy, ethnic Prussians are very frequent in Poland. Ethnic minority of the Prussians were for centuries dispersed in Poland and not for the economic reasons, but to save lives from the Germanic genocide.
    Most certainly, there are at least half a million of them, if you wish the editors to settle account if they are descendants of Prussians, we offer assistance as we do not want lost on your readership.
    There is no need to deal further with the contents of this publication, because the entire contents of this is a hypocrisy and colouring Germanism, we also do not have the curiosity of, by which capital it is controlled.

    In a conversation with a person close to the circles of German government there was an interesting discovery. Backed up by Germany regionalization of the west of Poland has far-reaching goal. In Germany it was always referred to the provinces. Provinces, western wall will be penetrated by German capital until achieving control over them.

    Let's go back in history.

    The tragic adopt the Prussian Homage in 1525 and 247 years later was enough to wipe out Poland from the Europe’s map, ignited by Germans. 1939 Ribbentrop Molotov pact, Germany invaded Poland. Recently "Nothing about you without you" and the gas pipe goes through the Baltic Sea. Arises intersting question who in future for who will be writing the history? Regularity always prevails.

    Poland is a country which interferes with Europe.

    Genetics, Germans incurable disease, Drang nach Osten is always on time.

    For some time, we knew that from the rear seat, revisionist Erica Steinbach controls the organization of Landsmanschat. She is a close and loved one by Angela Merkel. A present leading Polish politician in the recent past considered necessary to meet with her in Breslau. The contents of this confidential talk do not know.

    The information from the current Teutonic brotherhood Landmanschaft we learned that the total control and the authority over Landsmanschaft from Godberg took over Erica Steinbach. The former leader von Godberg became a coordinator of the Landmanschaft in all outlets of the Eastern Europe. One should know that Landsmanschaft is already located in many provinces, each of them of different history. Godberg being for years in charge of this organization knows the best how to deal seperately with each of them. Erica Steinbach daughter of Wermacht officer, knows how to discipline Germans and lead them to the victory with hope becoming their Furher.

    Since publishing Bulletin 2, Landsmanschaft was reorganized. Especially in the Internet, changed the robe on his part, removing compromising their statements.We expect that they will now be very careful. Propaganda will be less, which does not bring much expected benefit to them, brought rather a bad image, but instead will intesify the interference of German capital in the Warmia and Mazury. About the money collection on this project it was reported. This stock will remain inviolable as well as notarial records of a mortgage.The wolf is becoming the Red Hood.

    The German penetration of Warmia and Mazury has been commissioned to Landsmannschaft organization and is well dealing with local authorities. It has already a number of partners, collaborators. The center of this organization is located in Olsztyn, ul. Okopowa 25.

    From beyond the ocean came to our attention information about the German offensive in North America. No doubt this is coordinated by Germans, shares both in Poland in Europe and North America, the same date testify this. Recent programs on TV in Germany is clear of that intensification, when openly saying “unsere Preussen” our Prussia. There is no need for discussion on the hypocrisy of propaganda in North America, but there is a need to clarify which of the heroes of Michael Hoffman shows.
    Prussian military junkers plotters against Hitler under the leadership of von Stauffenberg from Wehrmacht had nothing to do with humanism. Realized that losing the war was imminent, they meant strictly the salvation of seized property and preserve the borders of the German Reich. With the assassination of Hitler hoped that they will be able to negotiate terms with the Allies.
    By the way, please note that in addition to murders, the Germans were plundering foreign domain, the property of public and personal in the name of Germanic law.
    In other words, and without doubt are the biggest robbers of Europe.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012
The Dispossession and Mass Murder of the Prussians

"Prussia: The Lost Country” 

An entire nation was taken from the Germans after 700 years of inhabitation and dismantled. "Seven years of history gone after one lost war.”  Michael Hoffman provides a revisionist history of East Prussia, from its conquest in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights, to the Reformation, the Napoleonic wars, World War I, and the RAF and Soviet holocaust in Prussia 1944-45, and beyond. On this historical journey, Hoffman takes up the question of Prussian aristocrat resistance to Hitler, and profiles heroic Prussian leaders and writers such as Agnes Miegel and Dr. Hans Graf von Lehndorff. The story of postwar Prussia from 1945 onward is an account of one of the most massive acts of population transfer and ethnic cleansing in modern western history.  In terms of extrusions of peoples it is comparable to anything experienced by Judaics under the Nazis, but almost nothing is known of it in the West. Hoffman rescues this unsung history of the Prussians from the memory hole.

It is worth noting, that everywhere exists omission of any mention of the nearly 200 000 indigenous Prussians, after the last war deported from the region of Kaliningrad. In other words, the Germans also state, that in the genocide of ancient Prussians were no survivals. As in Poland and Germany, so there is compliance.

As to the Germans oblivion of ancient Prussians, the Prussians have no amnesia about the Germans.

05. 04. 2012

An open letter to the Association Pruthenia

    Thank you for the notice of general meeting of the Association, but as the spine surgery I am not always in the form to get around.
    So if you would, Distinguished Members have patience to listen to some of my comments, it will feel honored.
    Above all I would like to draw attention to a large presence in Poland, descendants of Prussians. To determine this, you just flip through the phonebook or a list of coat of arms of Prus.
    Should not this become the subject of wider interest Pruthenia?
    Researchers at the Association Pruthenia made a great effort to recover the knowledge about Prusai ancient inhabitants of Warmia and Mazury, but it seems that the extension of this knowledge in the Polish society could be made more extensive especially as many Prusai with blood ties and living in symbiosis with the Poles begin to have interest in their identity. Their history is much older than the Poland’s history and should be treated as part of her past, but it would definitely be far differently than till now depicted. It is well known that in the thirteenth century, was executed a genocide and enslavement of the Prussians, and in consequence to stop their cultural development. This does not mean that we can ignore the existence of the Prussians and their culture.
     Studies on the colonization of German culture in Prussia should be left to the Germans of Landsmannschaft and Tolkemita which is an organization that has recently been penetrated by the Germans. This is their domain. For them the history of ancient Prussia is prehistory.
     In a situation in which there is a drastic reduction of teaching history in school curricula, the victim of this evil tendency may not only fall in Olsztynek Baltic Festival, but the Ketrzynski Institute's existence and perhaps even Pruthenia Association. Replace these institutions, judging from the fate of Olsztyn newspaper, no doubt will occupy the German organizations. Indicative of the attitude and actions of local authorities of Warmia and Mazury, which must be vigorously countered.
    As a member of the Association Pruthenia, together with the Association of Prus, will support research activities in the field of Pruthenia, as discussed above. I believe that the General Assembly Pruthenia would be fruitful also in their decisions.

President of the Society Prus
                                                                 Slawomir Klec Pilewski

    In the absence of an interest of Poland’s people in the existence of ancient Prussia, also Polish society have the lack of any knowledge about them, recently was released position, "Where you are, Prusai?" by Lech Niekrasz and it is just the beginning in mobilizing presentation our heritage, identity us ancient Prussians. This historical work of 2500 years history, having no competition in publishings on the subject.
Still without answer, as to why the violence done in the thirteenth century and continued for the next 700 years is concealed. The fact that the heirs of criminals falsify it, it is understandable, but why this in Poland is continuing remains a question.
    Cited Pruthenia open letter leave without any additional comments, in light of the above information, we leave it to the reader.

April 2012


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