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Welcome to THE PRUS CLUB, as a member of THE PRUS SOCIETY.

In the name of Ancient Prussians the TRUTH and REMEMBRANCE in no circumstances can it remain undisclosed for present and future generations. Particularly concerning Europe.

Slav Klec Pilewski

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Dear Sir,

I support your campaign for the recognition and restoration of rights to the peoples whose origins are from Prussia.

Chris Prus

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Dear Sir,

Since 60 years I am living on the territory of Ancient Prussians. Right from the beginning this land had enchanted me with incredible beauty, very rare nature, different countryside and overall a sad and tragic history of Ancient Prussians. Therefore, I fully support initiative about revitalization of the tragic truth and history of original residents of this Land. This knowledge must be passed to present and future generations.
Stanislaw J. Swieboda- Kwiecinski

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I would like to state, that I also join the Appeal directed to European Parliament. In Appeal I support publishing Ancient Prussian history and Ancient Prussian museum at Europe cost. Seems to me that it will not be easy difficulties will occur. It is always necessary to have faith and hope. In larger group it will be easier, for sure you can count on my support.
Beata Zalewska

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Ancient Prussians deserve, never to be forgotten.
Greg Krupinski

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Falsehood, an impudent lies and 700 years flight from disclosure about the truth of Ancient Prussians, I am asking, what does it mean and what about glory for the European historians?
Jan Pilewski

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The extermination of the Ancient Prus peoples and the seizure of their territories and their name is a fact largely unknown.
The memory of the real Prusians and their valour deserves to be honoured in to days Europe, however difficult their path may be.
Michael Kulczykowski

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With quite the amazement I’ve studied your site dedicated to history of Prus Nation.
Quite apart of historical content, its accuracy, continuity and relevance, this proves beyond any doubt, overwhelming human desire to BELONG.
I wish I shared your dedication and commitment to such worthy cause!
I am certain that many will appreciate and join your effort.

Good work!

nr 009

Jack de Duleba

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In subject of creation museum of Ancient Prussians you have my full support in your Appeal to the European Parliament. This initiative is worthy of assistance and continues efforts to reach the final material effect. I declare my access to The Prus Society and Prussian Club in Poland.
Mr. Slawomir-it could be a great happening. Sincere greetings from wet to day Wroclaw.
Radoslav S. Czarnecki

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We ought to protect memory the Ancient Prussians. The ethnic group very friendly to their neighbours. Prussians did not conduct aggressive wars and yet were exterminated by their neighbours, who under the pretext of introducing Christianity were war torn. Up to day many proud descendants of the Ancient Prussians live in Poland. Let us help them to rescue their identity.
Let us assist to preserve memory of their ancestors and their roots.
Stanislaw Leszek Pieniazek 09 05 2010
Honorary Member of Pomeranian Genealogical Society

I would be grateful to be accepted as the member of the Prussian Club
Stanislaw Leszek Pieniazek

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Through out World History and from memorial days we have been the pawn of World Rulers let it be Politicians or Wealthy people - we have been just pawns. Countries have been divided, pillaged, just to serve their own selfish purpose - conquered land, economy et al.
Prussia is such a good example when we know that Prussia in the 19th Century covered Germany, Poland, Ethnic Prussia, Denmark, today inexistant beside the name Prussia is used as a historical name. Period!
I believe in my heart that it is time for History to set the Record straight.
Bravo Slavek Pilewski on fighting for justice and setting this long overdue History Record!
Good Luck and God Bless,
Georges Chamchoum,

Filmmaker, Hollywood

Georges Chamchoum

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Dear Sir,
your activity is very valuable for the society, reminding adequate memory and history of Prus people - being one of the most ancient Europe's people.
Maciej Wisniowski

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Monsieur Pilewski,

j'estime qu'il est tout à fait légitime de parler des peuples baltes et plus particulièrement des Pruthènes et des Yadzwingues en raison de leur histoire tragique.
Votre site est très intéressant à tout point de vue d'autant plus qu'il rétablit certaines vérités historiques. Pour ces raisons vous pouvez compter sur mon soutien et mes encouragements.

Zaborowski Stanislas ( France )

Mr. Pilewski

My sound opinion, it is absolutely essential to raise the subject about Baltic people and above all Prus and Yatviagans and their tragic history. Your attitude is very interesting (valuable) from every point of view and even more, because it aims at revitalization of historical values. It reasons me to give you full support and encouragement in your activity.

With Friendship
Stanislas Zaborowski (France) France
Stanislas Zaborowski

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Dear Sir,
Thank you for your website. My family Wisniewski is from Prussia and I enjoyed reading your material.
I just wanted to send you a quick note that it was very interesting.
15.09 2010
Christopher Wisniewski

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It is obvious from your correspondency, on the website, that local government stewards are ignorants.
As a result, it will be you, whose wish is to destroy Polish- German relations, though we know that Prus people had nothing in common with Germans.
My fullest support for your initiative for Prus people museum and also in my opinion a skansen should be established, not only for Poles knowledge, reminding who were the Prus people.

I consider, that your project is an excellent idea and by all means I will make full effort to propagate this.

Jaroslaw Menape
Jaroslaw Menape

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Thank you for your answer. Your activity is important and necessary, thanks to that I was able to be introduced to Prus history which was unknown to me.
Anna Mscichowska

nr 018

I cordially welcome you,

I wish to express my gratitude, that finally someone started the Prus subject. Myself I am a descendant in line of family Pisanka, Coat of Arms Prus III, otherwise Nagoda or Wilczekosy. I will provide you few information, that perhaps will enrich present knowledge of the subject.

Regards Mirek

nr 019

Dear Sir,

with great joy I discovered your page and The Prus Society in it .
I am interested and convinced to support this very interesting initiative, therefore declare myself to be associated with and help as good as possible.
Tomasz Wasniewski

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Dear Slav

The deportation of the last and rest of the natives from Prusa people land (OBLAST KALINIGRAD) on the 12. of December 1948 (plus) can "NOT" be understood by anybody East or West! For such an action, THERE IS NO EXCUSE!!!
Manfred Kaireit

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Dear Sir,

I hereby apply for formal admission to the Prus Club.
12. 04.2011
Werner h. Zurek Szur-Namiot

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My Dear Slavek,

First of all, please allow me to wholeheartedly complement you on the enormous effort you have put into the "Prussian Cause" which is amply demonstrated on the numerous pages of the Prus Societies very impressive website you created.

I also wish to comment on the tenacious efforts you have made with the Polish and European Governments to make them consider and recognise the true history and current existence of the descendants of the Ancient Prussian people, we need to continue to push them until they agree.

I can only guess that the amount of money, energy, time and effort you have personally dedicated to "our common cause" is of colossal proportions and for that I would like to publicly express my personal gratitude, as a direct descendant of the Ancient Prussians.

Without your courageous effort, I personally would not know the history of my forefathers and the fact that the Roman Church conspired with the Teutonic Order to destroy them because they lived in freedom from tyranny unlike their neighbours and this could not be allowed as it would provide a "bad example" to those who were being oppressed.

History, yet once again repeats itself, now in the form of a totalitarian European Union, so now it is essential that this history of the Ancient Prussians becomes public knowledge so that we can avoid yet another century of the "dark ages".

I am proud of my ancestry and heritage of freedom and pledge my support to your efforts and our common cause.

Having already membership on the executive of the Society, I confirm also my membership of the Club.
Jerry Prus-Butwilowicz
International Lawyer

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Dear Slawomir

First I must congratulate you on a very well composed and most wonderful website.
Thanks you for your response and invitation to the Prus Club.
As a member of the Prus I coat of arms, and my wife a member of the Prus II & III coats of arms, we are very appreciative the amount of time and resource put into this wonderful web site.
This is a very valuable resource to aide in our life long trek to find and understand our ancestry.
My hopes are that we continue to communicate to learn and understand this important piece of history.

Kindest Regards,
Alan Mruk & Darlene Pruski - Mruk

Alan Mruk & Darlene Pruski - Mruk

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The ending of II WW in the year 1945, East Prussia, according to Treaty of Potsdam became divided between Poland and Soviet Union, and after the collapse of Sovie Union between Lithuania and Russia. In these borders Prus land remains till now.
It is well known, that for all of them it was not convenient to create a new state. In my opinion it is a time to integrate the remaining Prus people.
The creation of Autonomous Prus Society which would have given them new rights and the possibility of being members of Parliament.
That is guarantied by Law. The Polish By-laws of Parliament and Senate Dz. U. z 2001 r.Nr 46, poz. 449 exempts them from minimum 5% limit the committees of national minorities .

With regards, and support to all fans of this Society, we believe we can do more.
25. 05. 2011
Ryszard Predel

nr 026

Prusia, Varmia or Mazury, this incredible land of many names.
20. 06. 2011
Wieslav Kubiak

nr 027

Our past shapes our future" (Antoni Kepinski)

Dear Slawomir,

With joy and gratitude I accepted your invitation to The Prus Club. I am pretty sure, that my ancestors of Prus I Coat of Arms will be proud of the fact, that I cultivate the memory about them and their achievements. That is the reason why I have quoted motto from Antoni Kepinski. The responsibility rests with us, that our future, is not an empty piece of paper and the continuity of their history ought to be remembered. The knowledge of our ancestors ought to be passed to next of kin.

One day , we ourselves will be ancestors...

Present public knowledge about Prus history and culture remains limited and often untrue, this reasons me, that I support your activity and engagement, worth admiration and to be respected. Your website remains as a valuable source of information and should be a help in history lessons at school.

All of us should make an effort for the common knowledge of authentic Prus history.

With sincere regards

Aranka Malkiewicz
26. 06. 2011
Aranka Malkiewicz

nr 028

With kind regards for your valuable work. Be well Prusai.

Lynda Brownsey.
28. 07. 2011
Linda Brownsey

nr 029

Dear Mr. Slawomir,

First of all, please accept my congratulations for taking so beautiful idea which is the resurrection of the great civilizations of the Prussians. The portal is a good and reliable source of information and materials contained in it, give a completely new light on the whole complex issue. Once again, great thanks for all this toil what you have taken.
I live in Suchacz, full of various traces left by, from time immemorial, people living here. Here we have castles, sacred sites, ramparts, etc. have been established in many documents that have left German (!) archaeologists, historians and terrain investigators (eg, Robert Dorr and Carl Pudor). Through their work we have the possibility of examining at these sites Elbling Upland area. This is one of the historical programs realized in the framework of the association "Suchacz Hamlet" (Http:// I think that with you it will bring us closer to the whole idea and will show the fate on the great Prussian people.

I cordially greet,

Sylvester Jarkiewicz
Vice-President of the Association
Suchacz Countryside
09. 08. 2011
Sylvester Jarkiewicz

nr 030

I am writing to you, because I plan to write a novel, which takes place in today Mazury and one of the topics would be the religious beliefs of the ancient Prus people. Your page absorbed me with a great interest, I think that she is extremely engaging and motivating for further learning about the civilization of the Prusai. Unfortunately, just in terms of religious beliefs and spirituality, are not found too much informations. Could you recommend a reliable source, that may constitute a compilation of knowledge gathered on this subject? I would be very grateful.

Yours sincerely,

Nicholas Wroblewski
19. 08. 2011
Nicholas Wroblewski

nr 031

I liked the look of your site and its abundance in particular information on Prusai. But there have not found information about the Polish-Prus conflicts. Especially conflicts of the 12th century. I would be very grateful if you touched on this subject on the website. (If I missed this topic I would like to ask about a link to this information.) Thank you in advance and best regards!
29. 08. 2011
Radoslaw Szostek

nr 032

Dear Sir

Viewing your website I am finding an interesting informations.
I am also sending you curiousness, which may be useful to you, quotation
"... Prusai spoke the language of the Sarmatian and Alans , which talks Lithuania, a mixture of these two ...."
29. 08. 2011
Isabella Jaxa

nr 033

Prusai people, nobody wants to revitalize us. We ought to start and organize ourselves in "family clans" a seperate ethnic group. If it was not of you, never I could have known my roots. Others also need to know the truth.
Dawid Prus

nr 035

Dear Prusai,

Since sometime, I am reading your website, and lively I am interested in the history of Prus, Prusai.
I do not want observe your valuable initiative indifferently. Therefore, my question is how to become a member of the Prus Society. Will be grateful for your assistance.

Remaining with respect Konrad Barwinski
Konrad Barwinski

nr 036

For sure, it is a high time for a serious publication, that will stop Poles, to recognize Prusai, that are not to be Germans...
Violetta Pruska

nr 037 The Bulletin 2
Kails! I am a supporter!
Piotr Drogosz

nr 038

My Polish Grandfather, with Prusai surname Chocewicz, most probably born between 1880 - 1890. His fate remains unknown, my Grandmother divorced him in twentees past century. My father used to say, that we are having a family in Poland.
The only knowledge, that we have, brother of my Grandfather Aleksander lived in western Ukraine (Wolyn).
Information about Prusai are very interesting.
In soviet days, I served as a soldier in Kaliningrad region (Gusiev - Gumbinnen).
It is a pleasurable knowledge of Prusai federation, aiming at revitalization of history justice.

With respect, Aleksander. Ukraine, Dniepropietrowsk
Aleksander Chocewicz

nr 039

Dear Sir,

I wish to thank you, for a perfect history conduct, in this manipulated world.
At the same time, I am being aware, that the work input to the website is enormous - really it is magnificient.

Wishing success and Happy Christmas
Eduard Klimek

nr 040

Thank you for your interest, and for your impressive site. I'll be pleased to contribute with any relevant info.

Best regards
Marcelo Pilewski .
Marcelo Pilewski

nr 041

With Greetings.

Pardon me for uneasiness. I am of Polish origin and do not deal professionally with the history, but I must admit, that I am very interested in your nation and the culture.
Information on your website explains many things related to the origin of your real nation.
I would also make a deep appreciation and sympathy for your civilization, that so many sufferings happened, and foolish decision by the Polish rulers of ancient times, who contributed to the enslavement of Prusai by the Teutonic Knights, for which later themselves received the appropriate payment.

I would like to wish you, rebuild your beautiful cultural achievements of civilization and the true status of independent Prusai on indigenous lands.

Yours sincerely,
Philip Majewski
06 02 2012
Philip Majewski

nr 042

Mr Slawomir Klec Pilewski

I am full of admiration for your activity concerning of saving from oblivion Prus history. I fully support your activity and please place me on supporters list.

Cordial greetings
Zbigniew Stanislaw Prus Janowski

nr 043

Lecture on the Knights in Dzialdowo, pointed out to their benefit and that they protected Dzialdowians from the Prusian invasions. Well, as we have been here for a thousands of years, the urns containing our ashes from before 3000 years, which are from the peoples of Prusia. It turns out that we attacked on ourselves, but what for, we had to conquer lands inhabited by us. The Teutonic Knights are coming back.
29 11 2013
Adam Janiszewski

nr 044

Good morning!

I visited your website while searching a variety of materials about Reszel, my family place. Great site! I did not know that there are Prusians still living. Officially, it is given that the last of Prusian died in the seventeenth or eighteenth century. My greetings. Although I am a Pole, I fully support the initiative of the creation of the Prusian State in the Kaliningrad region. Do not give up in this fight.
25 01 2014
Casper Gładych

nr 045

I would like to thank you for the reliable information on the portal, the memory of the resurrection of Prusia, I wish you perseverance in action and assure their support for the cause. And I wish for the possibility and the time in order to discover the real roots, I secretly hope that they are Prusian. Yours sincerly,
22 02 2014
Justyna Groblewska

nr 046

My name is Andrew Hendzel, I do not know exactly if I am a descendant of Prusia, though with some information by examining the origin of the name Hendzel once I find that Prusia, at other times that of Germany? Despite this, very support the initiative of the museum dedicated to the ancestors of the Prusians who were destroyed and removed from the memory. Let the descendants of those who know their origin Prusian know that memory on their ancestors comes back even though may not be convenient to certain people in Europe. Everyone has the right to know the origin of their ancestors. I wish prosperity and I cordially greet all the descendants of Prusia, and more. Andrew Hendzel, Lower Silesia Province.
20 03 2014
Andrzej Hendzel

nr 047


I have just read your documentary on the Old Prussian people. Excellent description!  I doubt that the Europeon Community will ever acknowledge what was done.  My family on dad's side was "evacuated" from the Memel area around 1945.  It was very lucky that they made it out.  I do remembrer my grandma talked about the Old Prussian dialect and a distinct culture.  She was born in 1900, and it seemed the entire family originated in Koenigsberg, but immigrated North.  Very interesting history.  That being said, most on the East Prussian decendants, of which I am one, are at least 50% German. Mostly assimilated, it is up to us to bring forth this historical injustice.  

You are a credit to your people!
23 03 2014
Paul  Milner

nr 048

Who could know that the roads will be more than us.
04 04 2014
Michael Skowronski

nr 049

Greetings to All,

All my life I was no stranger to the Prusian spirit - only I did not know that it was Prusian.

In my youth, I spent more than two months on the Great lakes in Galindia ( then I did not know the name of the land ). My father mentioned that with the local people there is " something wrong ", that they were being resettled by force and did not love the land.
What could I say, a 10- year old child ?

I was looking for news on the indigenous peoples of our country ,
In the past year I found Bialczynski’s stories about the Slavs and Balto - Slavic community, and this year you - the Prusians.

I wanted to purchase the book “ Prusai, where are you ? “
For now, I had to settle with a copy from the printer. I have read it all, it is fantastic, minor amendments require references to the Slavs. I also printed a dictionary of Polish - Prusian posted on your site.

I would be honored for admission to the Prus Society ,

I do not know if I have Prusian ancestors, my father mentioned that his family originates from northern Mazovia. The Prusai cause is just , and requires the involvement of many people.

With best regards
01 06 2014
Tomasz Zielinski

nr 50

I sincerely thank you for your activities related to the website and the Prus Society, Baltic peoples subject. I have been interested in this for a long time and really appreciate your work.
This is an inspiration to me that not everything is lost yet, and that you can still find people who will not forget ...

15 07 2014
Jaroslaw from Bialystok

nr 051

I fully support the initiative to fight for the nation identity, I do not know if I have a Prusian ancestors.
I will be honored for the admission in The Prus Society .

The cause is just.

28 09 2014
Mark Albinski

nr 052

Hello. By chance I visited the website Somehow, from out of the blue and typed in the "Google" password "history of Prusia." I must admit that I knew of Prusia actually just the same as" taught "me in the school, ie, ... almost nothing. Just as much as knows the most of ordinary Poles. That they were, the Teutonic Knights conquered them, and they died. The story as given by Poles, the history of Prusia, can be summarized in a few sentences, no one takes widening of this information. The websites like this are important. In addition, a reference to the present situation in the world, Polish alarming situation, emigration of millions of Poles fills concern about the future. And this "is precarious," as said hero of the film saga "The Terminator" after almost complete annihilation of humanity. I wish you perseverance and success in the search for the truth. And "light pen" to describe it (I know what it means, I have a nephew with extraordinary writer verve, is an art).

Best wishes. Boguslaw Kruk
23. 06. 2015
Boguslav Kruk

nr 053

Dear edition / the editor
Congratulations on a great page that I read quite often.
I can not prove my Prusian origin and probably do not have it though I come from northern Mazovia. Recently I have read about how the Prusians settled in the north eastern part of Mazovia. This intrigued me very much. Many times I was in Prusia / Mazury and always I felt especially, because I had the impression of belonging to this land.
I was born in Warsaw and feel attached to this place but the sentiment to Prusia is something more. I remember from the childhood, always have been interested in the Prusian people. I do not know if this all is a coincidence or some mystical connection. My intention is to settle in Prusia.
Finally I would like to thank you for the wonderful website and ask for more articles.

Faithful reader and friend of Prusia

13 08 2016

nr 054

As a descendant of the Prusians, I think that the language and history of the Prusian nation should be in the Europe right place, despite the fact that as a nation is missing.
I believe that, like the Scots and the Welsh language has been revitalized the same should be the language of the Prusians.
It is high time that observed in Europe, what was done with Prusia, and should receive adequate priority.

Jerzy Habelmann
Jerzy Habelmann

nr 055

Welcome Slawek, I see that your actions gain momentum. I am full of admiration for you and rage that history turned out so mercilessly for our ancestors, but proudly wear the heritage of blood Prusai.
03. 10. 2016
Iwona Kędzierska

nr 056

Hello! Thank you very much for the work that you have done to prepare such material. I am delighted , bothers me only a certain amount of aggression, which can result in frustration from hypocrisy that still creeps into the history. Again thank you very much. : Reading was honey on my heart and current foreboding.
I live in Węgorzewo, where the spirit of the time blowing from the lakes and forests, they remember most.
I wish you health and harmony.
04. 10. 2016
Bozena Fokczynska

nr 057


I guess I will not be too original, I say that by browsing the infinite Internet, accidentally stumbled on yours side of Prussia. A little late, but maybe it is better than not at all.
With horror I saw the pictures of the historic mansion in Boguchwaly, capable of renovation. At a time when there functioned Agricultural Experimental Station, I spent two beautiful years of my early childhood, and this was the beginning of the 60s. Then parents moved further east, in the area of ​​Olecko.

Only once I had the opportunity to be back in Boguchwaly in the 80s.
Now I see the pictures rather depressing picture, but as you noted in the comments - who would be there bothered with such matters as the old manor house of the nineteenth century.
Nevertheless, thank you very much for the mention of Boguchwala, perhaps today the state is different, but I think back to the original without chance.
On the margin I want to add that before moving to Boguchwala with my parents, - lived in the palace Paca at Dowspuda, and in fact in its melancholy remnants of which still to day do not quite know what to do.
The investor is persistently sought, but is unlikely to finalize it soon.
Greetings from the area of ​​Torun and I wish you all good, especially satisfaction with what you do for the History.

Yours faithfully,
Janusz Tolkanowicz
Papowo Torun.
17. 10. 2016
Janusz Tolkanowicz

nr 058

Mr. Slawomir with a great curiosity on the internet I read your long and very interesting articles about the land of Prusai the Balts land and about the people of Prusia.
I have long been interested in the history of Balt lands and deplore the fact that so few historian publications on this subject. In fact can be seen that historians avoid this topic.
I have a different approach . I am not a historian, but I have traveled a lot in Europe and I see that Europe is looking for the identity. I do not know what is your approach to the phenomenon of the European Union.
I am quite positive to judge this phenomenon , as I feel that when we are a close political family in Europe [we countries and the nations of Europe], we can start talking about all, its history and past and it's probably not running to the risk of a military conflict. It is good that you wrote about the Prusai problem.
May be more influential people in Europe will hear about it, and will start the more mature study of this forgotten civilization. I wish this to myself and to you. I wish and will read more and expand the knowledge about the land of Prusai and their people, if you have interesting material, texts and maps on the subject.

Regards Krystian from Krakow.
08 02 2017

nr 059

Please read the article Mrs. Scholastica Szczepkowska of Pobożu. Szczepkowski family is probably one of the last descendants of the Prusai with documented history of 1000 years.

Regards Krzysztof Szczepkowski
12 02 2017
Krzysztof Szczepkowski

nr 060

With cordial greetings!

I am a Kurp from Ostroleka, aware of my origin from the Prusai nation. My best regards, I wish you not to give up your activity.
On my part, regularly brick by brick, I am informing all around about your website and people’s who evidently have their Prusai origin.
08 03 2017
Thomas Mrozek

nr 061


I am writing to you as a descendant of those with Prussian (and Polish and German) blood, who once lived in East Prussia.
My Father was born in Koenigsberg prior to World War I and emigrated to the USA shortly after it ended.
I wish to obtain more information on the Prusia Society, specifically on becoming a member.

I Remain Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant
24. 04. 2017
Allan Graf von Trawinski

nr 062

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your excellent website! My Polish is not good enough for me to write to you in it, so apologies for writing in English – but it is good enough for me to read, and I have enjoyed your website immensely.
I am particularly fascinated by the figure of Eustachy Janowski, which you discuss at the link below (and attached):
This article has obviously been informed by many readings in various historical archives and sources. I would like to deepen my knowledge – would you be so kind as to send me the sources you used for the article, so that I can read around this figure? I read in German, Latin, French, Polish, Russian and other languages, and I would be grateful to have access to the original material. For example, I would love to know how it is known that Janowski’s Bible is in the Archive of Krasnodarsky Kraj?

Thank you very much for your kind help,
17. 05. 2017

nr 063

I greet you warmly, I wish you continued fruitful work in the knowledge of ancient Prussia and the strength to fight for the cleansing and good name of your people.

Yours faithfully
18. 09. 2017
Łukasz Michał Nowaczyński

nr 064

I am very impressed with the form and content included in the website Reading the collected information wakes me in turn the joy of discovering unfamiliar facts and respect for the effort put in and effort. Congratulations and thank you!

Yours faithfully
26. 10. 2017
Marek Wąsowski

nr 065

Hello. I would like to know how actively the Association "Prusai" works because I do not see current news. News on the site very interesting and appealing to me who consider himself Kurp.

20. 03. 2018
J. Budniak

nr 066

The site is extremely interesting, and most importantly, for commemorating dignity the history of Prussia. I wish you luck and perseverance in showing difficult but necessary historical truth.
24. 09. 2018
J. Misztal

nr 067

Great respect for such a commitment to save the memory of a nation that has disappeared from the map but not from hearts.
11 02 2019
Monika Drausal

nr 068

I am just so proud of your website.
23. 03. 2019
Heather Gregory

nr 069

I would be proud to be a descendant of the Prussian people.
07. 04. 2019
Lawrence Tough

nr 070

My name Is Jordan. I am a 4th generation American settler, but thanks to a distant cousin on my mother’s side a book was written about my families journey from Old Prussia to the U.S. I have always known that I was descended from ancient indigenous Prusi because of this book, but I believed what modern European people told me; that we were all extinct. I recently became involved in the dialogue around Decolonization of the American land and it led me to think about my own Indigenous Ancestors from Prusia.
My research led me to your site, and although I am far away and haven’t even begun to relearn our language, I want to reconnect to my people, the only ancient and indigenous people that I know I am connected to. Anyway I can reconnect and relearn about my family and my own past would mean so much to me.

Thank You for your time
29. 06. 2020

nr 071

Is there any place where you can commemorate the former Prusian nation, e.g. a spilled mound, a memorial stone, a place where you can lay flowers?
01. 09. 2021
Andrzej Piotrowski

nr 072

All my paternal ancestors came from Ujście or Nowa Wieś Ujska near Piła.
Am I eligible to be Prusian?

Kind regards

25. 11. 2021
Paweł Piontke

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Good day.

My name is Patryk Projs and I would like to know more about my family. I am 19. I know that my surname has been "distorted" from Preuss to Projs due to the fact that perhaps my great-great-grandfather had translated it into Polish under the influence of his love for a Polish woman and the Polish environment in which he settled. This is more or less the version of what happened in the past. So I would like to know a little more about this topic, not only about him, but about my family in general. Could someone help me with this or guide me at least to a certain extent?

Kind regards,
29. 11. 2021
Patryk Projs


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