PRESS Nr. 1 The Prus Society
to the Prusians and Sympathizers

    Awareness among the descendants of ancient Prusians, the world is echoed in the interest of Prusia in the website, correspondence with descendants, well-wishers, reinforces the idea of having the Center of Culture and History of Ancient Prusians.

    The reluctance of the authorities of the European Union to the demands of living descendants of the Prusians, the Center-Museum, is noting irrational and totally incomprehensible. It follows that the Prusians will be required to have more determination that Europe will understand that, within this part of the globe has been a people of ancient Prusians.

    It is vital, cooperation of all associations and individuals to raise a noble history of the old Prusian nation. Please help in the creation of a Centre-National Museum of Prusia. It is important that idea and determine how to raise funds for the realization of this goal, can anyone of you knows how and access the right people that have an impact on the distribution or gathering money from EU funds, tourism, etc., etc. All organizations, assistance and information to create Building Committee's Memorial-National Museum of Prusia is needed, and it is yours, ours hands and minds.

    To the end of the First World War there was a State at the naming of Prussia, but in fact the Germans were in the decisive majority and their militarism over the centuries has caused enormous misery in Europe, they do not have any relationship with the native Prusia.

    German Prussia, through the use of their name abused the oldest people in the north-eastern Europe, also belonging to the wealthiest in the Baltics.

    For nearly 700 years, extermination, covering up crimes, naming Prussia used for deception of not only committed crimes, but for the concealment of knowledge of the existence of the people of Prusia. Germanizm for centuries under this banner, carried out the most aggressive policy in Europe until the end of I-st World War.

    They started to call themselves Germany, but had no relationship with Prusia.

This fact can not escape and be ignored by bureaucrats of the European Union and Poland and must be brought to their attention. It is a further cover-up for facts of extermination, history that prevents the knowledge of the ancient Prusia (though perhaps it proves a certain ignorance).

    Descendants of Ancient Prusians are ubiquitous in Europe and also scattered all over the globe, to the greatest extent in the US estimated to be 250 000 people.

    The Republic of Poland has the largest community of Prusian people and we can assume with a very high probability that we are at least two million.

    With such statistics Prusians should have a national minority status and have a representation of their modest interests in the Polish Sejm and Europe.

    Without a doubt, that this will happen, but not without the painstaking work to unite ourselves, and for this work we welcome all supporters.

    Since Germans have gained their place in the Polish Parliament, even more so, the Prusians without a doubt should have their own representatives. Never in our presence in the Republic of Poland, Prusians acted as a fifth column.

The Prus Society manifests the necessity of Ancient Prusians circa 1 000 000 in German Federal Republic to have a national minority status, and their presence in Bundestag.

    Prusian language was revitalized and more and more people are using it. There is also a modest newspaper being published in Poland.

    Since the end of the Second World War , it has not been noted for general knowledge, that in Germany there is presence of an indigenous community of Prusian people.

    Not all Prusians after the conquest in the thirteenth century left their land, most having no opportunity to escape have remained on the land of their ancestors. Through the centuries, in inhumane conditions, inhumanly treated, consumed by plagues brought from Germany, starved by the extreme exploitation, remained on their land. The ambitions of Germanic militarism also largely caused their extinction, exploited to serve in the armed Germanic forces. Despite incurring enormous losses, ethnic Prusians in the land of their ancestors survived to the end of the Second World War.

    When the influx of Germans, Steinbach type, in a panic to escape from the Red Army, aware of the crimes committed during the war, the population consisted of indigenous Prusians with a clear conscience, of these crimes had nothing in common, they felt free from the yoke of Germanic and did not intend to leave the land of their ancestors.

    In 1945-1947, the German population was deported to Germany. Approximately 125 000 indigenous descendants of the Prusians stayed with no intention to leave their land.

    In 1948 Stalin together with the Soviet Union has committed crimes on the land of Sambia deporting to Germany 125 000 indigenous Prusians, residents of today's Kaliningrad region, sending them back to the Germanic frying pan.

    German Reich after the war, ceased to exist, according to the agreement of the Great World in Potsdam, a city Tuvangste (ie today's Kaliningrad Königsberg), together with the adjacent land was placed under the administration of the Soviet Union.

    In 1990, the international legality of the session did not consider this region to remain forever under the control of the Soviet Union.

    Today, times are different, Russia is a democratic country, and certainly with its participation, the UN and the European Union will be reached a consensus formation symbolic Prusian state in the region of Kaliningrad.

    To-day the ethnic presence of Prusians in Germany could be accounted at about one milion.

    This possibility should never be forgotten and continue to the end of the world with the condition, without German presence.

    Russia is democratizing and is not responsible for the crimes in Prussia during the regime of Stalin and his Soviet criminal system. We should expect, that in the process of further democratization, Russia on the path of humanism will evacuate Kaliningrad Oblast and will allow return and settlement of Ancient Prusians.
Without a doubt, this may be a symbol of humanity in Russia and the Slavs for the return of the oldest culture in the Baltic Sea basin.

    The Prusians are also in Lithuania and in the rest of Europe in numbers of about 500 000 and seperately Belarus 250 000, their numerical presence needs greater investigation.

    The Prus Society is not established as a financial body and does not intend this, membership of the Prus Club is an honorary and no fees.

    Vice president of the Prus Society for Culture Mr. Robert Klimek came out with a proposal to start putting statues of Prusian Heroes. The idea is that they would be in the form of large boulders on the spot marked out for them with a sign for which the Heroes Monument is dedicated.
The Society has found a private landfilled with boulders and large number of stones, which can be purchased for the amount of PLN 10 000.00, enough for at least seven monuments. The cost of a memorial is estimated at PLN 10 000.00, respectively. Mr. Klimek has even begun negotiations with local authorities to bring the first monument to be of Herkus Monte.
We do not expect financial support from local authorities, which is why we are sending the message, that if a private founder or founders, then that action would be developed and the organization of the project would be shared between Mr. Klimek and founder or founders.

    The Prus Society, officially announces that the private commissioned work comes to an end of the History of Prusia. It will surprise everybody with unknown facts and accurate information about missing people, in the consciousness of Europeans.

    At the time of the above going to the print, information about its purchase or order will be given on the pages of the website.

    To realize this task a unity should be sought to unite the Prusians with the knowledge that they never claimed seperatism between themselves, and were divided by the cultures of the countries in which they lived in. The Prus Society, comes with an appeal to all of the Prusians, with a creation of a Federation of the Prusians and the aim should be, the revitalization of them, return after 700 years to the ancestors land, and the scene of Europe.

    In conclusion, in view of these proposals there will be a forum opened, called The Prus Federation for the free, democratic expression of the Prusians and Sympathizers from everywhere.
    Please, this activity will help us to ensure the memory of our ancestors, and for everyone it will be a pride to have this in yours consciousness of being the oldest Europeans, the existence of which has been the extermination of Europe's responsibility.
    Inaction and pessimism do nothing.

The Prus Society June 2011


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