The Knights of Teutonic Order, in spite of their forces numerical superiority, continued the conquest of the Prus lands using many types of brutal and deceitful methods. Captured hostages were murdered or brutalised without regardas to age or sex. Women were ravaged by knights of the black cross during wanton feasts and orgies, for which the Order was already notorious during the wars with the world of Islam.
It is easy to draw parallels with the systematic street executions of the citizens of Warsaw in 1939-1944. Typical was the throwing of bundles of grenades into cellars where the civilian population hid during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. These methods of war were separated by 700 years, and this how long the Teutonic occupation of Prus land lasted.

Can this be forgotten?

The Sambian noble Glande until 1265 led the Sambians during the Prus uprising. It was the Sambians who, under his leadership, destroyed the Teutonic Order’s fleet during the Prus siege of Konigsberg.
The strongly fortified castle in Konigsberg, built near Sambian fort, in spite of the destruction of the Order´s fleet, proved too strong to be captured. The name of Konigsberg is linked with the double arrival of the Czech king Premislav Ottokar II and his host of knights who pillaged the Sambian lands with fire and sword. Frequently they were cruel than other European knights in their treatment of the rightful inhabitants.

Against such forces the Sambian leader was killed in battle with the Teutonic Knights in 1265, and with him was slain his deputy, the knight Swayno. The Sambians after this left the Uprising, seeing no chance of saving their people from the ever increasing numbers of murderers in white cloaks with black crosses.
The struggles of the Prus peoples with Christian Europe lasted over 50 years. Their social structures were biologically destroyed, whilst with this were lost half of the inhabitants of the Prus land.


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